Check out our services and please feel free to contact us any time for any of our services and one of our experts will guide you to accomplish your goals.

We at the Heart 2 Heart studio provide full service for our members. Our team of professionals working the dating and marriage consulting industry for many many years, or coaches have successfully connected and celebrated hundreds of couples that are living happy ever after, this is the purpose of our good will to bring individuals that are looking for some one to love and share and possibly raise kids together. Our services are not free but rest a sure that we are here to make sure you are satisfied what you pay for. please feel free to contact any of our personal coaches to guide you through out the journey of you dream women search and find you a perfect match, our coaches will set up a face to face meetings with a women that you interested to meet and more…

If you want more individualized approach, welcome to my coaches. It depends on how quickly and immediately you want the results.
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When you have a monkey mind and your mind is wandering here and there...
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Yoga lessons can be a fun way to get back in shape and feel good about your body, mind, and the beginning of the search. Yoga is a science of the mind that balances you out and helps you to hold the focus on priorities and feel good about life. A sound mind is in a sound body. And there is a sound love inside of a healthy person. Be on top of life with yoga only for $3000 over 10 private yoga lessons. The duration of 1 private yoga lesson is 60 minutes.
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If you have already met in reality and want to see what your compatibility is. Don't hesitate to contact our tarrot reader Nadya. She's been doing readings for 6 years, and is very good at it. It's great to know what strong points to bet on and what weak points to avoid. A few cues from the professional can make your relationship much better. It's up to you to decide whether to go up or down
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If you keep promising yourself to start your search, and every time you set the intention of doing so, you always have something come up. In this case, we strongly suggest you to hire a life coach. Your priorities will be straightened out, and your life will become more structured. In addition, your search will be easy and fun.
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Booking has been created to facilitate dating and make it more understandable and to help you to meet your better half and build the relationships of a lifetime. Our mission is to serve you in the best possible way so that you achieve great results and get married to the lady of your dreams. We are here to help and guide you to your happy love story. Let’s do get it started. Hurry the number of spots for coaching is limited!

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